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Holeta Animal Research Center and Holeta Cattle Genetic Improvement Center

Implanting Embryos and Visiting Other Agriculture Sites

A visit to the Addis Ababa Abattoir

Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer seminar at the Ethiopian Institute for Agricultural Research

My Anniversary and Working Through Government Red Tape

Sunday Meetings

Another Successful Embryo Recovery and Transfer, An Expensive Wreck

A Terrible Day of Sickness. Lesson Learned!

Gobe Ranch and Marty's visit with his team

New Restaurant and a Night in Kokosa

Wildlife Refuge and Cooking Corn on the Cob in Hot Springs

MoreProblems with Bug Bites but an Inspiring Sabbath Anyway

Mekonen's Cows and Arsi Negeli Dairymen Presentation

Embryo Transfer and Vaccination at Kokosa

Embryo Implantation at ATARC and Al Amin Feedlot Visit

Embryo Implantation and Recipient Preparation

Embryo Transfer at Adami Tulu Animal Research Center

Jerky testing ... No car for me