Embryo Transfer and Vaccination at Kokosa

Apr. 16th, 2010

Abera arrived with Mulgeta, Gemachu, and two more guys.  I grabbed my breakfast omelet, loaded my gear and we headed out.  Gemechu and the other two spread out a tarp and rode in the back. I am sure it was not a pleasant ride freezing the first half and getting bounced a lot the second half but they did it.  In spite of very threatening skies and rain all around us we didn’t get rained on much on the way up.  The road in was wet so we had to push the truck in a few places but we made it in.
MAI Staff implanting embryos

I wasn’t excited about working in the rain but got everything set up anyway.  I prayed that the elements would be tempered for us.  As we drove over to the corrals the clouds parted and the sun came out.  For the next four hours we worked in bright sunny weather.  In fact I got a sun burn on my neck and arms.  We were about ¾ done when the clouds came back and saved me from a more severe burn, unfortunately they brought the rain and hail with them.  The Ethiopians ran for cover but I just kept working.  They got out their umbrellas and came back to work.  Mulgeta said “When it rains like this the Ethiopians quit work and go inside.  Today we are learning from you how to work hard.”  We finished working the cattle at about 5:30 pm.  We had vaccinated the whole herd and transferred 32 embryos. 
Boran cows used for embryo recipients
I was very happy with the way that the recipients responded to the hormone synchronization this time. Having them on the good Kokosa grass has fattened them up and improved their reproductive response.

I was very tired and hungry but knew that we still had to get the truck to the main road before we could drive home.  I coached Abera through driving in the very slick mud and we took along with us a crew to help push us through the worst spots. Within about 20 minutes we made it to the main road where we piled in and headed home.  I was so grateful when we finally pulled into the hotel.  The Lord had really blessed us.

I had a quick dinner of chicken stir-fry and chips which was very good.  I talked briefly with the family then headed to bed. I am looking forward to being able to sleep in tomorrow morning.