Our Journey

In 2009 we decided to take a leap off a cliff. Lonny resigned from a steady 14-year career and we headed off into the unknown forest of self employment and irregular paychecks. But we didn't jump blindly, we held fast to our parachute of faith, listening to that little voice inside that told us there was a new path that we needed to pursue, that it was not an ordinary path, and that we'd know it when we saw it. 

We searched for months, wondering why our lives couldn't just be normal and predictable, and we sometimes felt nervous - no, panicked - about what was ahead and if we would really make it through. But we put our trust in God, knowing that there was a specific path that he wanted us to take. We knew that He would guide us and bless us as we put our faith in Him. 

And He truly has worked miracles in our lives.

Our unusual journey has led us to find our real passion - the reason we are here on the earth - to help the people of developing countries find their way to success through teaching skills of self-reliance and principles of endowed prosperity

We are still on our journey of faith, and the road less-traveled is not always easy. Sometimes it's been littered with painful stumbling blocks, and our vision is diminished by the thick fog of doubt, but it's an extraordinary and rewarding journey, and we wouldn't trade our unique life-path for anything. It's so refreshing to awake each morning with anticipation and excitement, wondering what lies ahead of us each day.  

Currently we are working primarily with FeedTheWorld.org, which teaches the rural poor in developing countries to achieve self-reliance with sustainable agriculture techniques. We have also enjoyed having wonderful working relationships with Morrell Agro IndustriesChoice Humanitarian, Thriving Nations, Koins for Kenya, and NuSkin's Force for Good foundation. We encourage your support of these wonderful charitable organizations who are run by good people who are passionate about making a difference in the world.

We hope that as you visit with us through our blog, you will enjoy learning about our journey and come to love the many amazing people of the world as we have. 

~ Lonny & Erika Ward and Family ~


  1. Lonny,

    Keep up the good work with your "real passion". It is commendable.

    All the best,

    Ron Spratling


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