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Podcast Episodes Featuring Lonny!!

  Exciting news! Lonny has recently been featured on two different podcasts, speaking more about his experiences.  Here are the links and some brief descriptions of the episodes. Give Back: Dream Big! "It was so wonderful to sit down with Lonny Ward who is the Director of Operations with Choice Humanitarian. We talked about hope and change and by simple things we can make a huge difference in others' lives." Spotify Apple Podcasts ZuLoo Pōōdcast: CHOICE Humanitarian's Lonny Ward (#53) "On this episode of the ZuLoo Pōōdcast, we learn wisdom at the feet of seasoned humanitarian, family man, and all-around cowboy Lonny Ward!  Lonny currently serves as Director of Operations of a philanthropic 501(c)(3) charity that works with and through rural communities to expand their range of options, foster self-reliance, and reduce poverty. Having now impacted over 2,000,000 people for good, CHOICE is proof-positive that for every life touched, there is potential for a better

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