MoreProblems with Bug Bites but an Inspiring Sabbath Anyway

Apr. 18th, 2010

The last couple of nights I have been awakened by my itching ankles that I think could be caused by an allergic reaction to the bed bug spray that I have been using.  I have used liberal amounts on my socks, shoes and pant legs.  Because of the rash I haven’t sprayed down my bed lately or my clothes either.  Last night I woke up several times with severe itching on my body.  Not only did my ankles still itch but I had new bites on my lower back, hands, arms and neck. I probably have 15 to 20 new bites from the last two days.  I still have no idea if these come from the farm or from my bed or both.  As I was palpating the cows I noticed a small ant like insect with wings and asked the crew if they bite or sting but they said they didn’t think so. I had found three of them dead in my bed the day before. I decided to spray my bed again today and just be more careful around the foot of my bed.

I talked with Erika about stake conference and her experience with Jessica going to the temple.  She is having some very special spiritual experiences.  We read scriptures as a family and had family prayer just before Abera arrived.  I dropped Abera off at his class then went back to the hotel where I worked on my talk a little more before going to church.  Celina rode with me to church.  Her family came to Ethiopia about five years ago on an expedition and developed the Foresight Fathers program.  This program has been successful in helping children from very poor families get education.  Now Celina is working with single mothers, teaching them basic life skills and helping them to get the necessities of life.
The Church in Awasa
I had called President Amanuel yesterday to tell him that I was coming to church and offer help. He quickly accepted my invitation and asked me to speak on the signs of the second coming.  Celina gave a great talk on the Atonement then I spoke followed by President Ayele, the District President.  He gave a powerful talk on the authority and duties of the priesthood. He gave his talk without a translator and interspersed enough English for Celina and I to understand.  President Amanuel did the same thing with the Sunday School lesson.  I tried really hard to follow by picking out a few words here and there and reading the scriptures.  I didn’t get it all but I got the main idea. There were probably a dozen new people there today.  The branch is maturing from when I saw it just a year ago.

I had a good talk with Amanuel.  He is continuing his studies and getting good grades.  His experience translating in the branch will really be a benefit to him in the future.  He will be a great leader here in Ethiopia in the future.

I was fighting a headache all day so when I arrived at the hotel I ate some crackers and jerky and took a nap.  I slept for about three hours and felt better when I got up and going.  I was itching like crazy so I got some of the lidocaine out and dripped it onto the bites. It seems to calm the itching down enough that I can do something besides scratch it.