Implanting Embryos and Visiting Other Agriculture Sites

Apr. 29th, 2010

Abera and I got an early start so that we could avoid traffic.  We made it to ATARC in about 2 ½ hours.  Medksa had some of the cows separated already and had the rest ready for us by the time we got set up.  All of the recipients had CL’s and only one was questionable.  We implanted the last six embryos without any difficulty.  The crew has gotten pretty good at working the cattle for us.

We had lunch with Gemachu in Ziway, probably my last Habasha meal for this trip.  I tried to order fish being right on the border of Ziway lake but they were out so we had tibs.  The three of us ate and had drinks for 46 ETB ($3.50) total.

We stopped at a new feedlot at Meki.  They are fattening bulls for export to Middle Eastern countries.  They were very sensitive about us coming on their place and wouldn’t let me take any pictures.  They currently have about 3000 head.

We tried to get into the Holland Dairy processing facility but the guard wouldn’t cooperate.  I tried to leave my card for the manager but the guard wouldn’t even take that. Maybe we can get in next trip.
Girma and Abera at Genesis Farms
We said hello to Girma at Genesis Farms.  He was anxious to see us and asked if we had talked with Bhilu about some cooperative work.  With that encouragement I went and talked with him.  He was anxious to work with us any way that they could.  I will have to discuss the issue with Paul and see what he thinks.
Fasil telling us about his feed mill in Kaliti outside of Addis Ababa
We met with Fasil at his feed mill.  He was frustrated with the city government that seemed to be fighting him every step of the way.  I told him to move his operation to Shashamene.  I enjoy visiting with him because he has a great vision of where this country can go.  He has been raising bull calves to sell for breeding but has had a hard time selling them.  His new cow barn is almost finished.  It will be much nicer than his old one.
Fasil showing off his beautiful cows to Abera
Today was a good day but I was not feeling well after putting in the embryos.  I think it was a combination of an early start and working hard to implant the embryos then eating Habasha food. The positive visits at Genesis Farms and Akaki Feed mill helped to buoy my spirits.