Embryo Implantation and Recipient Preparation

Apr. 14th, 2010

The MAI Kokosa team ready to work cattle

Mulgeta, Gemechu and I rode with Esaus our driver to Kokosa. The weather was beautiful for us sunny with occasional clouds to keep us from getting too hot.  We were able to implant an embryo in the cow that was in heat last week and breed one that was in heat today.  The transfer went very well but the insemination was impossible.  I wonder if she really was in heat.  I had Mulgeta try for a while because I am teaching him how to artificially inseminate cows.  He finally gave up so I tried but didn’t have much more success than he did. I hope the semen are up for a long swimJ.  The crew is starting to learn how to handle cattle better so it is much faster and less frustrating.  The cows are learning that every time they go in the shoot they get stuck with a needle.  I wish that I had a good corral set up here.
Lunch time everybody dig in!
 For lunch I ate the omelet sandwich that Almas made for me for breakfast.  Negesu brought over ingera and wot from his restaurant for everyone else. I had a little of the spinach sauce which was pretty good.  I also had a radish out of the garden.  I have a feeling that the Ethiopians are not going to like them at all. I guess we will see.  The peas, beats, beans, and carrots seem to be growing alright.  I hope to see a bounteous harvest next time I come to Ethiopia.

To pass the time on the drive I read from the Old Testament and the Book of Mormon.  Being in the middle of needing and seeing miracles here brings those books more to life.  I can empathize more with their challenges and joys when they are triumphant.

It appears that we had a really good response from our recipients in Kokosa.  We will know for sure on Friday when we transfer the embryos.  We could have as many as 50 recipients to receive embryos.
These bites itch terribly
I am still fighting the bug bites but I think that I am winning. I still don’t know exactly what kind of a bug it is or when it gets me.  I have been spraying my clothes and bedding with bug spray and it seems to work most of the time.  I have even rubbed it right on my legs like insect repellent, then I read the warning not to get it on your skin and to wash for 20 minutes if you do.  It hasn’t killed me yet so I think that I am safe.