Church in Africa

How do I worship when I am in Africa? The answer is in some ways the same as I do at home and in some ways it is very different.

Last week I landed in Bamako, Mali late Friday night. Since Mali is almost entirely Muslim and their holy day is Friday, I missed the national day of worship. Sunday is just like any other day in Mali, so I had kind of a half work day and half, worship on my own day. I studied the scriptures and prayed.

A wonderful young family arriving at church in the Changamwe Branch
Today I attended the Changamwe branch in Mombasa, Kenya. Since I have been there before, I was welcomed with open arms and bright smiles. We had a wonderful worship service where many including myself shared our beliefs in, and testimonies of, Jesus Christ.

The congergation was much smaller than the one that I meet with in Genola but they were full of faith and anxious to share their happiness with others. The children sang with gusto from the primary room.

In a couple of weeks I will be in Lilongwe, Malawi and I will have a similar experience. The meetings are held in English but there is a good portion of the native language mixed in and in Malawi a translator is usually used so that all can participate and understand each other. The Lord's spirit is there no matter where you are encouraging you to do better.