Piura, Peru is a city rich in history but is now desperate for water

Hot and very dry describes Piura, Peru today. The seasonal rains have been sparse and late leaving a barren landscape. Our goal is to teach local farmers to be flexible based on the resources that they have. Rice is a major crop here, but with so little water they need to adapt to something that uses less water.

The interns from Cameroon join me at the town center for a picture.
In addition to working with the farmers here in Piura, we will be training our new friends from Cameroon. Even though their country is in West Africa, the climate and growing conditions are very similar so this provides them a good place to learn new ways of teaching the rural farmers how to improve their lives. They will be here is Peru for six weeks, then return to Cameroon to teach their colleagues what they have learned.

Carlos, Charles, and Raymond on our tour of Piura

Carlos was our tour guide today and will be one of the main teachers for Charles and Raymond over the next six weeks. They will be learning about nutrition, vegetables, crops, and small animal production. We are happy to have them here.