Successful Poultry Projects In Mnyenzeni, Kenya

On my last trip to Kenya to visit the SRA projects near the Koins for Kenya compound, I was able to see so very successful poultry projects. I have included a couple of examples below. The program is very simple. Those that want to participate come to see the demonstration farm and learn about raising chickens. If they want to participate they have to build their own chicken coop. All they need is a simple one that is made of locally available materials. It requires effort on their part and demonstrates to the SRA team that they are serious about the program.
SRA staff in front of the demonstration chicken coop
Once their structure is complete and they approved for they program, they are given 10 laying hens and a rooster. They free to manage the chickens as they like and are given support and instruction by the SRA staff and other participants. Most of the participants will collect the eggs over time and then allow a setting hen to incubate them for the 21 days it takes for them to hatch. The focus is to produce as many chickens as possible. Most families will consume an egg or two each day and once they have young roosters they will eat one each week. The program has been extremely successful at increasing the nutrition and the economic condition of the rural villagers in Kenya.

Kwe Kwe and three of her children in front of her chicken coop

Chickens from after seven months