Apr. 19th, 2011

We are seriously looking at raising irrigated cash crops in Ethiopia that will provide lots of jobs and revenue for future work. We will probably start with row crops and then move to permanent plantings. Paul has asked me to find some experts that can help us first with the row crops and then with the permanent plantings. I will try and find people over the phone and internet first and then make a trip or two back to California of maybe Oregon to find someone to work with.

The beef fattening has been put on hold for now. Tsehay doesn’t really think that we can do a good job of fattening in Kokosa and until she buys into the idea it doesn’t make sense to try and push it forward. I may go through the financials again for Paul. Hopefully Mike and Lloyd will pick up on it.

The land contract is finally done I think. We just need to finalize the payments on the existing structures. This has been a long slow painful process. The next step is to get the building designs approved and the construction done. I may have to work to convince Tsehay that open sheds are the best way to go. We also need to identify the animals that we are going to purchase. This project still has a long way to go.