Driving Across Kenya for Good Quality Milking Goats

Nov, 9th, 2011
Patrick and I left just after 4:00 am this morning with Katembo as our driver. We only made it half way to the main road when they decided to turn back and get a different vehicle because there was a rattling noise near the rear tires. We switched into the car and headed to Taveta. We stopped in Voi, which was about half way, for fuel and breakfast. We had omelets and they had their chi tea.
The goat farm in Taveta. They have good quality Gala goats that work well in Kenya
Shortly after we left Voi our front tire went flat. We quickly changed it and were on our way again in a short time. The road to Taveta took us right through the Tsavo West Animal Reserve so we saw zebras, elephants, baboons, and a dikdik. We had just left the preserve and were on the farm about 15 km from the office when our spare tire went flat. We decided that we would have to sacrifice the spare tire and just drove slowly the rest of the way to the Eicheha Farm. Katembo drove the car into town to get the tire fixed.
Two very large bull elephants along the road in the Tsavo West Animal Reserve
Patrick and I waited for Joshua to come and take us to the goats. He came with Onyago the head of security and told us that the goats were 7 to 10 kms away and they only had a motor bike for transportation. Joshua went on ahead and got everything prepared while the rest of us walked. We could see Kilimanjaro off to the west. It was cool to be so close to the tallest mountain in Africa.

We selected three of the best male goats and 21 of the best females. Joshua brought a can of blue spray paint to mark them with. It was hard to catch them especially towards the end. Goats were running all over the place. When we finished they told us that a pickup truck could take us back. I was very happy to get the ride. I gave some candy to the workers that were helping us and to a mother and her small child that road with us. We met Katembo on the way and headed back home.

On our way home we listened to the Kenyan Parliament discuss the issues and pass laws. It was rather interesting to hear what they were discussing as compared to the hot government topics in America. Often we think that what is important to us is important to everyone. In fact I had not even considered some of the critical items that they were debating.
I was very glad to get home after such a long drive and a long day. I was also very happy to have some very good quality goats selected for the project.