A Few Observations on Kenya

(Excerpted from a letter written to my son, Joseph, who went with me to Ethiopia in 2010.)

Kenya is very similar to Ethiopia. The people are so wonderful and friendly. The countryside is full of rolling hills that have recently greened up with the fall rains. You see animals grazing all over the place that are quite thin due to the fact that they are just coming out of the dry season with limited feed. The roads are congested and poor.

The compound where I am staying in Mnyenzeni is much better than the Kenyan’s living conditions. We have concrete floors and a tin roof over our heads. We sleep on narrow bunk beds with a three-inch foam pad for a mattress. There is mosquito netting draped around the bed to protect us from getting bitten.

The showers consist of an outside cubical where you carry your bucket of water and the dipper. You pour the water over yourself, soap up, then pour the rinse water.  There is a flush toilet buiding outside next to the shower stalls. We have two cooks that prepare somewhat American style meals for us. They do a good job of taking care of us.