Endowed Prosperity

Our experiences with the people of Ethiopia have given us a new perspective on the world and opened our eyes to all of the possibilities out there. As we have found our passion for helping those in third-world countries, we have had a desire to do more to help those working on these kinds of projects throughout the world. While brainstorming for ideas we came up with a new term for a concept that we are passionate about: 

To Endow is to provide with a permanent source of income, faculty or quality
Prosperity is a successful, flourishing or thriving condition.

This is exactly what we feel is needed for those in underdeveloped countries to reach their full potential. 

Endowed Prosperity is to provide impoverished individuals with the motivation and skills they need to establish a permanent source of income which will lift them out of poverty and into a successful, flourishing condition - financially, emotionally and spiritually. 
  • The Endowed Prosperity Initiative will help those in under-developed countries by working with international charities who are solely dependent on donations. We will help them to identify and develop profitable business ventures within their existing projects which will provide a recurring income source for their charitable activities. 
  • The Endowed Prosperity Initiative will provide support and training for successful companies who have achieved prosperity in business and are looking for ways to 'give back' in a more meaningful way than simply writing out a check.
  • The Endowed Prosperity Initiative will establish a network of businesses, charities and individuals who are interested in working together to provide a higher level of aid to those in need by providing them with the ability to provide for themselves.

When you decide to become a part of the Endowed Prosperity Network, you can work with us to help accomplish true prosperity around the globe.
The effect of Endowed Prosperity is that thousands more people can be reached. 


~Lonny & Erika Ward
A non-profit initiative of LonnyWardConsulting