Water Pumps at Selam Children's Village

Last night I woke up a few times in the early hours of the morning but I was able to get to sleep again.  I have felt tired all day but not enough to interfere with my work, (jetlag).  I spent the first couple of hours finalizing performance reviews and doing other office work.
A water pump that is powered by feet. You get a work out and water at the same time.

At 11:30 I went with Elder O'Crowley to Selam Children’s Village.  It was set up 25 years ago by a Swiss family to help orphaned children.  They house 450 orphans and train many more children in academics and vocational trades.  They serve a five course meal for about 45 ETB ($3.30) which is to help the students learn how to prepare and serve a western style meal. The food was actually very good.  After the meal we walked around the compound where they have a large garden and several greenhouses, rabbits, and a 30 cow dairy.  It was very impressive to see all that they were doing.  The dairy cows are the highest producing cows that I have seen in Ethiopia.
We also drove up to the other compound, Selam Technical and Vocational Center, where they manufacture many different items from water pumps to butter churns.  I think that we will buy some of their equipment to use on the farm.
Elder O'Crowley, LDS Church humanitarian missionary looking at a simple water pump at Selam.

This evening I met with Tsehay to go over our plans for the Kokosa property and the dairy initiative.  We both agree that there needs to be some changes in the plan.  I am glad to have her as part of our team and look forward to working more with her.

As I was cooking my dinner this evening Alan and Sherry Baum came over to say hello.  They just flew in this morning and will be here until Saturday when they fly to Beltu. I arranged to have Teddy drive me to Adami Tulu tomorrow morning where I will meet with Abera and we will check our embryo recipients.