Strategic Planning

July 19th, 2010

I am over the jet lag now and able to function normally again.  I slept well but was awakened by the chanting coming from the Orthodox Church loudspeakers.  Today they started at 5:00 am.  I guess one of these day I will just be able to tune it out completely.

Tsehay and I with Dr Haven Hendricks

I worked with Tsehay this morning putting together a presentation for Paul on the projects in Kersa and Kokosa.  It is amazing to see what has been accomplished this last year.
The presentation went well now we just need to put together our plan for the future.  I know that this office work is important to the project but it wears me out. I need to do some physical work for a change.

Today I had Spartan meals: a bombolino (unsweetened donut) with peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, Spanish rice for lunch and fried potatoes with a tomato for supper. I just don’t have a big appetite here in Ethiopia most of the time.

This afternoon I looked up the website.  I was really impressed with how much detail there is.  I was embarrassed that there is so much about me and my projects but it was uplifting to think about all that has been accomplished in less than a year.

The power went out just as I was finishing preparing my meal tonight so I ate by the light of my computer screen.  I worked on our home budget and just got it emailed to Erika as my computer battery died.  I guess I will go to bed a little early tonight.