Spending the Day in Awasa

July 31st, 2010 Awasa

I was able to talk to my family for two hours this morning, most of the time with Erika.  I used up 2/3rds of the minutes on my modem.  Skype is free but it costs 100 ETB ($7.25) each time I fill up my modem with minutes.  I am not exactly sure how it works; talking minutes just count down a minute at a time but internet minutes last quite a bit longer.  It seems like it is almost two internet minutes for one purchased minute. I have 35 minutes left to get me through the weekend.
The view from my hotel room with the swimming pool and Lake Awasa.
Erika and I feel really good about how our lives are going right now.  The Lord has blessed us with everything we need and much more.  We have our challenges like everyone else but He helps us through them.  It is almost scary to feel so at peace when life can change so quickly.  I guess that is what the Savior meant when He said “my peace I give unto you not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid.”  I just feel confident that He is in control and as long as we follow His will everything will be all right.

They had a big breakfast buffet at the hotel but a lot of it was Ethiopian style so it cut my choices done.  I did have an awesome omelet with everything in it. The pastries look really good but don’t have much salt or sugar in them compared to the U.S. so they aren’t appetizing to me. Ingera for breakfast is more than my body can take.

I was just checking out when Abera and Gemechu showed up.  The hotel was booked for the night so I had to go to another one which was ok with me because I am fine with a less expensive hotel.  We can use Paul’s money better in other ways.  I am staying at the Oasis which is much smaller and more Ethiopian style. The rooms are all tile floors and I have a balcony overlooking the front of the hotel and the street.  For this room the cost is 303 ETB/night ($22).  This includes wireless internet (very slow), breakfast and laundry services.  For the price it is one of the best hotels that I have stayed in.
The cobblestone street being laid.
I walked up the street to see what was going on. They were making a new cobblestone street. At the end of the street is a new hotel and convention center.  They were not open yet but offered to give me a tour anyway. They have four nice conference rooms, 14 bungalows, and the hotel that overlooks Lake Awasa. You could tell that it was meant for foreigners because all the room rates were quoted in U.S. dollars from $49 up to $249.

I had a deep fried, breaded fish cutlet for lunch with mango/pineapple juice.  It was very good all for 54 ETB ($6).  Since it is fast Sunday I won’t try their breakfast but I will see what it looks like.

I spent the afternoon resting and writing reports. I think that I am finally caught up again. This has been a busy week and a good one.