Two Flat tires Ruins a Day

Apr. 3rd, 2010

    I had a good chat with my family this morning but the internet was having a hard time going.  I had to recall them several times and we finally gave up.  I was able to talk with Jessica for a while.  She is a wonderful young lady. I love her very much.
    I waited for Danny all morning so that we could go to Welkite but he didn’t show up or answer his phone.  I called Worknesh to see if he was with her.  She said that he had left to meet me.  I wished her well and told her that we missed her around the office.  Danny showed up at noon.  He had two flat tires and couldn’t get a spare.  I will send him on Monday to get the nitrogen. I used the time to get more of my planning and preparing done.  I put together three equipment lists of the equipment that we will need and gave them to Ayenew.  He probably won’t be able to find much of the equipment here but any is better than none.
Danny was able to fill the semen tanks with liquid nitrogen
  Joe and I went to Avanti’s Italian restaurant for lunch.  They have very good food that is reasonably priced.  I had the seafood ravioli.  It was pretty good.  We stopped at Bambi’s to buy some groceries.  You can find most western style food there but it is about twice as expensive as in the states.
    This evening I enjoyed “Conager” a movie based off of Louis Lamour’s book of that same name.  It was good to kick back and relax.  I was able to get a live steam of conference tonight.  I missed parts of some of the talks but it was still very uplifting.  Afterwards we had a fun time just chatting on Skype.  I sure miss my family.