Recovering the wrecked car and bug bites

In spite of my late night I awoke early feeling surprisingly refreshed and maybe slightly stiff.  I tried to Skype home for scripture study but no one was on the computer. I met Ashaber in the lobby and we waited for Teddy and Getu to come from Addis to pick us up.

While I was waiting I called Georgia to cancel our meeting for the day due to the accident.  She called back later and offered to help any way that she could.  I thanked her and just asked her to pray for me.  She said that they already had and would continue.  I also called Ashaiere and finally got a hold of him.  I told him that I would like to see him.  He said that he would be in church on Sunday.  I was excited to have been able to talk to him.
The car was headed away, spun around off the road then rolled on its top.
 We went back and took pictures and looked over the scene.  The asphalt has some shallow grooves where the heavy trucks drive.  I suspect that a combination of my turning the wheels, pressing the brake and hitting the uneven road at the same time caused the car to spin around and off the road where the slope of the shoulder caused the car to roll.  The car has substantial body damage but no mechanical damage. 

Geta, the guy that rented us the car, helped us work with the police and they gave my license back.  He did not have comprehensive insurance on the car.  Biya had worked out the rental of the car over the Easter weekend so I had not gone through our typical procedure of assuring that there was insurance. (I had planned on using Abera’s pickup but it was in the shop)  When Mogess and I asked him about insurance today he said that on small cars they usually don’t carry comprehensive.  

I was warmly greeted by the staff when we arrived back to Addis.  It was somewhat touching and somewhat embarrassing.  We are a newly organized group but we are coming together as a team.
Bug bites that I get every time  that I am in Ethiopia. Not sure if they are bed bugs or fleas. I never see the bugs but the bites itch like crazy for a week.

Yesterday I had some bug bites around my waste, on my toe and on my hand.  Today I have some on my upper thigh and legs.  They are incredibly annoying. I took a hot bath to see if I couldn’t drown any bugs that might be on me.  I think that I found a couple floating in the water but they were so small it was hard to tell.  I will try what I have in the past, spray my clothing, bedding, suitcase and a few parts of my body with the lice and bed bug spray to see if I can’t kill them all.