Checking cows in Kokosa

Palpating our embryo recipient cows

April 6th 2010

Abera arrived about 6:15 so we loaded the truck and headed out.  We bought water bananas and bread for our Kokosa meals.  We discussed the organization and our plans for The farm as we drove.  The road to Edo is almost finished so we made it there in about 50 minutes as opposed to almost two hours before. The roads were mostly dry to the farm so we made it in without any problem.

Mulgeta, Gemechu, and Negesu were waiting for us and even had some bread and jam for us for breakfast.  We weren’t really hungry so I thanked them and we headed to work.  We checked about 60 head before we stopped for lunch.  My left hand and arm was worn out from the palpation. 

I had the omelet that the hotel had cooked for me for lunch and some of the bread and jam.  They ate dura wot that Negesu brought from his restaurant in Kokosa.  We rested for about an hour and I really wanted to take a nap but read my scriptures instead.  I had sweated a lot in the morning and it was cool in the house.  I was chilly enough that I decided a nap wouldn’t be that restful. 

After lunch I palpated with my right arm for about 30 head then did the last 20 with my left arm again.  It is much more difficult to palpate these smaller framed cows. The Lord must be magnifying and strengthening my skills because alone I don’t think that I could do that many animals in one day.  There were a couple of cows that I wasn’t sure about but most of them I knew what their situation was.

I was very tired when we finished, in fact typing this is difficult for me.  The others left to go to Kokosa for fuel.  I stripped down to my waist and had a sponge bath then changed my clothes.  I hung my work clothes outside so they could air out.

The lust, green grass of the Kokosa ranch. The ranch house is in the trees in the background.
The clouds are rolling in and the thunder is sounding. I hope that it doesn’t rain too much here or we will have a hard time getting in or out.  It is so peaceful and beautiful up here.  The birds are singing in the trees and a light breeze is rustling the trees.