Visit to Where Love Is orphanage (by Joseph)

This morning started out pretty slow. Evan and I mostly relaxed until we were too hungry to wait any longer. We went to the local market and bought a bunch of fruits and stuff. I called Jason, who is the person in charge of the orphanage where I am doing my project.  I arranged to meet with him for Family Home Evening tonight. 

{See more information about Jason's orphanage at:} 

When we went to the orphanage to meet with the kids, they were really excited about Lloyd's magic tricks, as well as the little toys he brought. We stayed with them through family home evening and the boys gave a lesson in Amharic about Adam and Eve. I didn't understand it, but it was still cool to see the boys lead out with the lesson. Afterwards, some of the boys went out of the room and prepared a small play for us. It was about the conversion of a man, and his son, and his son's friends. It was pretty cool. 

After Family Home Evening, we handed out the uniforms. The boys really liked them and were very grateful. We had dinner with them (rice and lentils, with bread), and then we went back to the office. It was a great experience.