Joseph's first taste of Injera

This morning Dad and Lloyd went to a meeting for most of the morning, so Evan and I had some free time. We packed for our trip to Shashamene and then made up a new game with  whole bunch of dice. When Dad and Lloyd got back, we found out that he and Evan wouldn't be going with us, so Evan had packed for nothing. I took the liberty of reminding him of all the time he had spent packing. =) 

Dad and I left for Shashemene, and it took us about 4 hours to get there. On the way, we stopped at the Village of Hope and dad checked the cow to see if it was pregnant. It wasn't, so he gave me a tour, and then we continued on to the hotel. We met Evan Maxfield and Makonen there, and Makonen invited us to his house for dinner. We gladly accepted, and it was the first time I had tried injera. It was pretty good, as long as I kept a piece of bread between the injera and my tongue (it is very sour, made from fermented teff flour) We only ate a little, and visited for awhile with him.

We went back to the hotel and ordered a meal in the restaurant. I had fried chicken and some “chips” (more like french fries). When I got the chicken, I almost laughed out loud. It looked like burnt chicken. Luckily it tasted much better than it looked, though there wasn't very much.  The chips were good too, they almost tasted like scones when they have been fried too long. After we ate, we went to bed.