Flight from Chicago to Frankfurt

  I am writing from the Frankfurt, Germany airport, where I am waiting with my brother Lloyd, his son Evan, and my son Joseph, for our flight to Addis via Paris. There was a snowstorm that backed up Frankfurt and made it impossible to land, so we instead flew to Amsterdam, where we refueled and waited for permission to fly back to Frankfurt. By the time we were able to get back in the air and make our way over to Frankfurt, we had missed our connecting flight to Addis. 

So, after standing in several lines, we were given a hotel voucher to stay in Frankfurt last night, and also tickets for a flight to Addis via Paris that we are waiting to board now. With all of the delays, we will arrive in Addis tomorrow morning, instead of yesterday, as it was originally scheduled. Such is the life of the international traveler. But looking at the bright side, it may be that we won’t be hit with the jetlag as much this way. 
We had a nice stay at the hotel in Frankfurt. We enjoyed two German meals: a delicious dinner {Erika: "details on the dinner, please!"}and a fabulous breakfast buffet.  There was an assortment of fruits, cheeses, meats, breads, pastries, cereals, etc.  We all ate more than we should have, but it was fantastic. Back at the room, we pulled up LDS General Conference on the internet to help us feel the Sabbath spirit. I really enjoyed the talks again, and set a goal to be and do better. 

When we checked in at the airport, they asked us if we would like to switch to an earlier flight. We readily agreed, which was probably very good considering that we are still waiting and it is delayed about an hour!  I would hate to miss our connection in Paris and have to stay there or fly elsewhere in Europe before flying to Addis. {Erika: "oh yeah, that would be just awful to have to stay in Paris or fly elsewhere in Europe and travel around a bit! Are you crazy?! ha ha, I guess that's the difference between a country boy and a city girl."} =D