First Post from Ethiopian Cowboy Jr! (by Joseph)

{Note: All posts from Ethiopian Cowboy, Jr. are written by Joseph Ward, who is Lonny's oldest son:}

Me and dad started our trip at the Salt Lake airport. We found out that our flight had been canceled so we had to go on a flight that left an hour earlier. Luckily we were there early so it worked out pretty well. We flew to the Chicago Airport and there we met up with [cousin] Evan and [Uncle] Lloyd. We all were scheduled to leave for Frankfurt Germany but our the flight was delayed so we had to wait two extra hours. 

We finally left and we were able to ride business class. That was good because it was a long flight and it was good to lean our chairs back and have more leg room. We were almost to Frankfurt when we found out that it was too snowy to land so we had to fly to Amsterdam. We re-fueled up and then found out that we could land in Frankfurt so we went back and finally landed. Total flight time: 15 hours! 

Because it took so long, we missed our flight to Rome. After waiting in 3 lines, taking up 3 hours we finally got another flight to Paris the next morning. They provided us with a hotel and we relaxed for that night in Frankfurt. The next morning was Sunday so we listened to [LDS General] Conference while we took another nap. We flew to Paris, then went to the ticketing counter to find out about our flight to Ethiopia. They hadn't gotten our records from Frankfurt, so we had to wait for a while. They finally figured it out and we were able to fly the rest of the way to Ethiopia.  {Note from Erika: whew! Makes me tired just reading it!}

When we got finished at the Addis Ababa airport, we were picked up by Shemelis, and taken to Paul's house. After Evan and I were introduced to some people, we went downstairs and slept most of the day. That evening we went to an Italian Restaurant close by and there I had the best lasagna I have ever eaten! Now we just need to try and sleep off the jet-lag.


  1. Wow, Joseph, I can't believe you had the best lasagna you have ever eaten in ETHIOPIA!! What's up with that??? ;) So much for not eating any meat while you're there, huh?


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