Concentrate Feed Supplements

I spent much of today reviewing our results so far and analyzing what factors can most influence our success.  It appears that using a concentrate feed helps reproductive performance.  As I analyzed it and reviewed it with others, I am convinced that a mineral supplement will really improve the dismal results that we have been experiencing.

This evening Wally and I met with Tsehay and discussed our project.  She confirmed that mineral would greatly benefit our cattle.  She also told us about a Land 'O Lakes project that had brought 750 Boran cows up for farmers to buy to use in cross breeding.  They had seen similar challenges with the fertility of the animals.  She told us of plans to build a feed supplement company and recommended that we do it.  Just trying to cover all of the bases here we could end up with dozens of businesses.

After our meeting, Tsehay took us to a very nice Mediterranean-type restaurant.  I had a green salad with tuna and tortellini. It was very good.