Camels, Contacts and Cuisine

Joseph and I loaded the car and headed out of Addis to ATARC (Adami Tulu Agricultural Research Center).  I wanted to leave early to avoid traffic, so that we could get to ATARC before they sent the cows to pasture. The roads we relatively clear all through Addis and half way to MojoJoseph fell asleep but woke up when we had to stop the car to let a herd of camels cross the road. I took some pictures that really made a young herder mad. {Erika: "I wonder why? Makes one wonder if they were just camera-shy, or if they were stealing the camels!"} 

We stopped in Mojo to buy water and some of the Ethiopian pastries. They look like donuts, and taste like churros. The water costs 7 birr ($0.56) for a liter bottle and the pastries cost 2 birr ($0.16) each.  I bought two for each of us, but we were both full with one.
We arrived at ATARC only to find that they did not get the message that we were changing to Thursday, so the cows were already out to pasture and the staff was not around. {Frustrating!} I took Joseph on a tour of the compound, and then we went into the cafeteria for a hot milk snack. We sat down just inside the front door so that I could see everyone as they came in. This worked out well, and I was able to visit with Mohamed, the student that had escorted us on our tour, Dr. Tesfaye, and the center director. So the visit turned out well after all.
We drove to the Sabana Resort and walked down to the beach.  It looks like a great place to relax and enjoy the water, the sun, and perfect temperatures. We walked back up to the lodge and had lunch. Joseph had grilled chicken, and I had chicken soup and a mango/strawberry fruit drink. We followed our meal with an ice cream sundae that was very comparable with US standards (Our meal cost 218 birr or US$17.30). On our way out, we purchased a small clay figure for 10 birr from a very persuasive and aggressive young salesman.

We filled the rental car with gasoline in Shashamene for about 750 birr ($62.50).  The price is about 11 birr/liter (US$3.32/gallon).  We checked into the Lilly Valley hotel and I crashed for about an hour.  We spent the rest of the afternoon writing reports and making a spreadsheet to track the embryos.  This evening we had dinner with Evan Maxfield, Lloyd, and his son, Evan.  I had a very sweet chicken soup again and Joseph had the fried chicken.  We both ordered chips (basically french fries). Our meal cost 103 birr or US$8.20After dinner I met with Abera to discuss Kokosa.  We planned out the rest of my current trip here in Ethiopia. We have a lot to do in a very short period of time.