Building Shelves and Boys (by Joseph)

We slept in a little this morning because we couldn't go to Jason's "Where Love Is" boys home until the  holiday ended. When it did and the streets were finally 
quiet, we went back to the shelter and started building the shelves again. We finished the first one and I was impressed about how well it turned out. When we had first started I was doubtful that it would actually work with the design we had. 

The one problem we had was securing them to the wall. It didn't take long though, before Dad found a way that would make it work. We finished the rest of the clothing shelves with the help of the boys. The groups had kind of mixed up and it ended up just being whoever wanted their shelf next came and made it with us. After we finished the clothing shelves, we started on the bookshelves. 

We made one tall bookshelf and one short and long bookshelf. We secured these to the walls of the main building and then we gathered all of the boys. After they were gathered, we handed out all of the books and let them put them on their new bookshelves. They were very excited. 

After they read some of the books, we went out and played some football! (or soccer as we call it in the U.S.) :) It was fun and reminded me how much conditioning I will have to make up when I get back. When we got back to the MAI office, Evan and I started playing Axis & Allies. It was really complicated and we spent most of the evening reading the instructions before we had to go to bed.