Building Bookshelves at "Where Love Is" Boys Home (by Joseph)

Dad, Evan and I started out the day by buying shelf supplies for Jason's boys home. After we bought all of the supplies and the boards, we went to Jason's place and started building. We split the boys into groups and had each group build their own shelves, two groups at a time, with me helping one group and Dad helping the other group. We went pretty slow because we were still learning the most efficient way to do it. Also, everyone was crowding around because they all wanted to build their shelves, making it hard to get anything done. 

We left at about 4:00 because today is a holiday and the roads all close at 4:30. We walked to the main road and found out that the roads were already closing, so we had to walk for about a mile before we found a taxi that could take us on the back roads back to the office. While we were walking, we saw why the roads were closed, it was like a parade, but they only paraded one thing: a replica of  The Arc of the Covenant. As it got closer, the men would gather in a big group and dance around in a circle while waving sticks in the air. {Mom here: "I bet that was very interesting!"} When we got back to the house, Evan, Lloyd, Dad, and I had a family home evening lesson and then we played the dice game that Evan and I made up. After that we watched "The Man of La Mancha".