Building Bookshelves at "Where Love Is" Boys Home

Today, Joe Morrell and Danny took Joseph, myself & my nephew Evan to buy the supplies so that we can build shelves for the boys shelter. It was very fortunate to have them along, since they knew where to go to get the different supplies. But even with their help, it still took us all morning to buy the tools and lumber that we would need. It sure makes me appreciate the stores in the U.S.  Joe was in the process of buying tools for the farm, so he told us that we could use those tools for the project before he sent them out. It was really nice to use some power tools that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.

Joseph started organizing the project when we arrived at Where Love Is.  We realized that we needed some shorter screws, so we asked Berhanu to take me to the local market to buy some.  Unless you have been to the Ethiopian markets, there is really no way to describe them. On the way back from the market, I bought some sugarcane for everyone for 10 Birr (~US.88 cents) and nine lbs of bananas for 22 Birr (~US$1.90). 

Joseph had divided the boys up into six groups of three. We each picked a group to work with, while Evan entertained the rest of them. We worked for several hours and just about finished a couple of units for the boys' bedrooms. 

We knew that the streets would be closed for "Epiphany Day", or "Timkret", so we left quickly to get a taxi back home. (Click here to learn a little about this holiday, or click on more detailed links in the Ethiopian culture links on the left.) We walked about a mile in a sea of people before we made it past the procession that filled the streets. We couldn’t really get a good view of the participants, but we did see a group carrying richly ornamented umbrellas that seemed to be the center of attention. People were dancing in the streets and singing, having a great time. We found a taxi that charged us twice the price to get home, 70 Birr. {Erika: "Wow, special American price, huh??"} On the way home, we passed two more groups parading down the streets of Addis. I guess that a group heads out from each of the Orthodox Churches.

For FHE tonight, I taught a lesson about miracles from Moroni chapter 8, then shared some of my experiences. After the lesson we watched Man of La Mancha.  I am really inspired by that movie and the songs from it.  To dream the impossible dream . . . I guess that is what I am doing here.