Bad News and Blessings from Home

This morning I had a quick scripture study with my family, followed by family prayer.  It is amazing to be half a world away from my family and still be able to communicate with them so easily.  It makes this assignment much easier.

Wally gathered us all together for a staff meeting today where he introduced those who recently joined our team.  Each of the directors gave reports of their stewardships and discussed new changes that were taking place.  I am pleased with the report that Abera gave and the work that he is doing.  After the meeting, I was discussing things with Abera when my Skype rang, and I answered it to see Steven.  He told me that Jessica had wrecked the car.  Erika came in and filled me in on the details.  Jessica was driving with Christy to school in the Taurus, and there was slick snow on the road, so she lost traction and didn’t make the turn at the end of the road.  She ended up hitting an electric pole that deployed the airbags.  Christy got the worst of it, but they both walked away fine with only bruised and swollen faces.  I was relieved and grateful that they were both ok. I just read this quote a couple of days ago “If it is a money problem then it is not a problem.” I am not so concerned about our old car, and the possible costs of repair, as I am to know that my daughters are safe.

This evening Joseph and I went to the Habasha restaurant with Dr. Solomon.  We had a very good time, and enjoyed some pretty good Ethiopian food.  The dancing was as impressive as it was unusual. We joked and laughed with Dr. Solomon for two and a half hours.  At home we packed and prepared for bed.  I tried to contact Erika, but wasn’t able to with either my computer or phone so I headed to bed.  Lloyd came down shortly thereafter and told me that Erika was online.  I still had problems connecting, but we were able to talk.  I felt really bad for both Jessica and Christianna when I saw them and the pictures of the car.  I am so grateful that they are both ok. I thank the Lord for their protection and for a wonderful controlled wife that dealt marvelously with the situation and helped to calm my fears.