A Day of Rest and Recuperation

Teddy gave Joseph & I a ride to the Meganagna branch to go to Church. I really enjoyed the meetings. The first talk was about not judging people by their outward appearance, and the second talk was on sharing the gospel with other people. They were both really good talks and made us think.

I met the new humanitarian  missionary couple, the Ocrowlies from Vernal, Utah. They are a neat couple and will take over where the Himlies left off. I also met Elder Kohler from Midway, Utah, who had some connections with me. He was taught in school by the mother of my former co-worker, Jared McNaughton, and I also know his uncle, Grant Kohler, from the Utah Dairy Board. 

For lunch today, we combined forces with Alyssa, who made hamburger rolls, and Mark and Heidi, who made a coconut cream pie. We fried up some potatoes, and provided vegetables and fruit. Joseph and I had purchased a watermelon for 18 birr ($1.48) on our way back from Shashamene on Friday.  It was a very good meal, lots of good food, way more than we are used to when we are over here. I ate way too much, which made it easier for me to take a long and much needed nap.

I have been reading "Enough" - an in depth analysis of the famines in Ethiopia which was published by a couple of Wallstreet Journal reporters. It has been a fascinating book, confirming a lot of what I have seen and experienced here.  It has helped me to understand why some of the simple things that seem obvious to others haven't been done here, and why some things that have been done did more damage than good in the long run.  Well-meaning foreign government subsidies have helped in the short run, but have hampered independence over the long term.

I was able to Skype with my family this afternoon.  I love them very much and really enjoy talking with them.  Being away from them is the hardest challenge that I have had.  Even so, I put them on the alter before the Lord and say, "I will go where you want me to go."