Washing Clothes

It rained here most of the night and some this morning.

There were large puddles along the side of the roads.

Dozens of people were washing their clothes in these puddles then hanging them in trees or on fences to dry.

Some people were bathing themselves or their children in the puddles.

I chose to take my shower in my hotel room as usual. ;)

As far as my laundry that needed to be cleaned, I decided that my best option would be to have my clothing washed for me by the hotel staff instead of heading out to the puddles.

I hope they have a washing machine. ;)

The work is continuing as planned, but it is very overwhelming at times.

I am grateful for the support of my family & friends that makes this possible.

Most of all, I am grateful for the support from my Father in Heaven, who buoys me up and helps me to remember that "With God, nothing is impossible."


  1. If I was washing my clothes in that puddle, I'd at least try to find a cleaner spot!


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