LDS Branch in Awasa, Ethiopia

Today is Sunday. We piled 18 people in a minivan and drove a half-hour to Awasa for Church. There were about 10 other people attending. They asked me to play the piano. I am glad that I started practicing again 5 months ago. It was rough but I made it through. (Thanks for the lessons mom!)

It was fast & testimony meeting and there were only 3 testimonies borne: the Branch President, a 14-year-old new convert, and myself. :) They spoke in Oromic & some English, and the Branch President translated my testimony so the congregation would understand. They only held Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School, so there was no Relief Society, Priesthood, Youth or Primary meetings. I volunteered to teach Primary next week. That should be fun! The people have so little but are still happy.


  1. Great examples! Endure to the end! Keeping bearing testimonies, you are beloved children of God.
    You guys are great examples of SERVICE, FAITH AND DEDICATION!
    My superstars!


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