Challenges & Miracles

Excerpts from an email:

I am excited about what we are trying to accomplished here and to be honest, I am, at times, overwhelmed. It amazes me that a country this rich in natural resources can be so poor. I have had strong feelings that now is the time for Ethiopia to rise up from this pathetic state that it is in.

All around me I see relics of technology that others have tried to force on the Ethiopian people without taking time to teach, train and support them in the change to the new technology. I can see how our farms and dairy can make a tremendous difference if we can be tenacious and patient enough. 

At times I feel that what we are trying to accomplish is impossible, but from the beginning I have felt that the Lord wants us to do this, and with His help nothing is impossible. Yesterday I decided to start recording the miracles that I am seeing, some small others more significant. I have 19 on my list and I know that there are probably many others that I have overlooked.

I have never tried to accomplish so much with so little yet I am confident that we will be guided through it.

Lonny J. Ward
Morrell Agro Industries PLC
"Sowing Hope and Prosperity"